Sunday, September 9, 2007

The First Ever Monthly Amazingly Bombastic Creativity ABC Image Scavenger Hunt

Say, huh?

What: A contest where you gather together images for each item on the alphabetical list that fits the words’ meanings. They may be images you find on the internet or any photographs, drawings, or visual images you create yourself.

Who: Anyone who wants to play. Please play with me.

Where: Post your selections on your website.

When: You have until the end of the month. Which this month is September 30, 2007, a Sunday, by midnight Eastern Standard Time, because that’s how I live and I can’t make any time zone adjustments.

How: I don’t know. I randomly picked out the word pairs and I have no idea if it’s possible to match them. Feel free to make things up. That’s why the word Creativity is in the title.

Why: Because it sounds like fun to me. I’ll be doing it, too, although I won’t be able to win the prize. Yes, there will be a prize, which will be surprise. I’ll give hints to its identity as the month progresses. And I’ll try to make up one of those announcement things you can put on your side bar that says you are a wiener.

To be a wiener: Be the first to post your images (in list order) and announce your entry to me. You may let me know you have finished by commenting on any of my millions of sites or sending me an email to goldennib at comcast dot net. I will judge whether you have captured the meanings, any of the meanings, no matter how obscure, of the word pairs. If I can’t figure any out, I will ask you to explain. If you can, we’re cool. If you can’t, oh, well. The first person to notify me and get the most images on the list “correct” will win. No entries will be accepted for prizes after the deadline, but we can still enjoy your efforts if you’ve done some of the words, so post anyway. My decisions are final unless I change my mind; I can if I want.

P.S. There will be special recognition for original images.


Logophile said...

Count me in.
Anything that is amazing bombastic appeals to me.

Doug said...

I'm way in!

swampy said...

Ness ! I'm in, but it may be later in the month before I can put it together as we are on the road. Hey, when you have a chance, go back to my place and click on your user name. It navigates me to a very weird web site.

cindra said...

Sounds like fun to me! Thanks!

Jackie said...

Images I make MYSELF? Are you crazy? I have no scanner, no talent, a lot of trouble just loading snapshots on my blog, and no knowledge of how to use Paintbrush. I'll see what I can come up with - I guess I'll just quit sleeping - who needs it anyway?

neva said...

IN-ish. in other words, I'll try. oh yes... I'll try. ; )

goldennib said...

Logo: Since you are amazingly bombastic yourself, you should fit right in with this.

Doug: Way in deep? Cool.

Swampy: Neat-o-bandito. I fixed my little faux pas. Sorry.

Cindra: Yeah, baby!

Princess Jackie: You take beautiful photos, so no more of this "I can't do it" crap; D

Neva: Trying is excellent. I'm beyond thrilled-ish.

TLP said...

Well, I am GAME!

Scary Monster said...

Me will STOMP!

Dorky Dad said...

OK. I'll bite.

Bert Bananas said...

I carry cameras with me where'ere I go. I am printing your list and will see what suggests itself.

I'm not doing this to win, I'm doing it just to be involved with life, as my normal life is terribly, terribly boring.

goldennib said...

TLP: You certainly are.

Monster Man: STOMP away.

Dorky Dad: Biting is allowed here.

BB: Your pics are always interesting.

Dan said...

Oh boy! Can I have a prize for just reading through the rules! :)

Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm thinking about it. Now if I could only find the time.

Minka said...

I am game, too.

now I am gonna check TLP to realize what it is I am supposed to be doing :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to do this!! I am, just give me a few hours to have a play...

it's a cool idea, thanks!

goldennib said...

Dan: If you give up hiking, you can play.

Minka: I will just point people to TLP when they want to know how to play.

BBH: Thanks for joining in.