Sunday, October 14, 2007

Drunk Door

This door was smashed by a drunk.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Cold Cat

Bad Bee

Animated Apple

October 2007 Hunt List
A Animated Apple
B Bad Bee
C Cold Cat
D Drunk Door
E Evil Elevator
F Fast Face
G Greedy Ghost
H Haunted Head
I Indigo Igor
J Jumbled Jack
K Keen Kite
L Last Liver
M Magenta Mist
N Negative North
O Obsessed Orange
P Peeved Post
Q Quiet Quince
R Rosy Rabbit
S Svelte Soda
T Teeming Tonsils
U Under Union
V Velvet Vest
W Wide Window
X Xeric Xenagogue
Y Yodeling Yard
Z Zipped Zebra

Monday, October 1, 2007

And The Wieners Are...

The highly anticipated announcement of the wieners of The Amazingly Bombastic Creativity Image Scavenger Hunt is now here. Breath, come on, breath.

The hands down winner of The 1st Place “Eat My Dust” Wiener Award for September 2007 is Tan Lucy Pez. She finished her entry so fast and with such witty commentary, I was worried no one else would play. TLP gets first choice of one of the lovely prizes shown below and she may display this awesome banner on her blog (I hope we can figure how to do that.)

The 2nd Place “I can’t believe I finished the whole thing” Wiener Award goes to Bazza. He finished the whole list just in time. His entries included many original images and funny explanations. He even made a video for one of his entries. Bazza will get second choice of one of the lovely prizes shown below and he may display this wonderful banner on his blog.

Honorable mention and the 3rd Place “I tried but couldn’t get it all” Wiener Award goes to Cindra for playing along and for her enthusiasm. She gets to place this great banner on her site and pick one of the lovely prizes shown below after TLP and Bazza have picked through them. Cindra also is reintroducing her Word Game now called The Great Quill Driving Competition. Check it out. It is always highly competitive and fun.

Here we have our lovely prizes: A soft, blue scarf with pom poms on the end that I crocheted, a multi-colored fuzzy long scarf I crocheted, a bright green flower picture frame, a golden picture frame, a ceramic nature picture frame, or an assortment of shiny blue purse items including a notebook, pen and two mirrors. TLP, you have first choice so email me to let me know which you want and your address so I can send it to you.