Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back to Work

Here's a new list for those few of you who liked to play the game. There will be no prizes. I'll do my best to point people in your direction when you've done your visual posts. Have fun.

Aunt Ant

Brown Bear

Creamy Cow

Dumb Donkey

Even Eagle

Floating Fish

Gross Goat

Half Horse

Indian Iguana

Joking Jay

Kitchen Kraken

Lonely Lobster

Many Manticores

Nosy Narwhal

Oval Owl

Painted Pony

Quantum Quetzal

Round Rat

Silver Snake

Towering Toad

Umber Ultrasauros

Vapid Vulture

Wise Weasel

Xenial Xenops

Yawing Yak

Zombie Zorilla


TLP said...

You know I'm gonna play! Haven't started yet.

actonbell said...

Um, I'll try:)

Nessa said...

TLP: I knew you'd be in.

Actonbell: It's lots of fun.

Ps said...

Does it mean you have to gather all the 26 images by the end of the month? Sounds like fun--will try.But am not sure.(Have a problem with commitment!) :-)

Nessa said...

Ps: That's the theory; D I have problems with commitment myself. I have never finished one of my own lits. Others have done bits and pieces. And then there's TLP who kicks everyone's butt each time.

tsduff said...

Those Pez people always seem to ruin the competition... workin on it.

Nessa said...

TSDuff: They are hard to keep up with. Holler when you're done.

tsduff said...